Standard Repair Welding Supply & Tech Gases

5 Raffaele Rd. - Plymouth, MA 02360    508-830-0567 / Fax # 508-830-0240
New Location: 2701 Cranberry Highway, Wareham MA 774-678-0792
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Standardrepair standard repair welding torch regulator




-Flow meters

-Welding and Cutting Torches**

-Miller, Tweco & Bernard Water Coolers


-Custom Built Torches: 3-4-5-6-8-10ft

-Mig Torches

-Arc Air Torches

-Tig Torches

-All Welding Machines


Standard Repair is New England’s largest Welding Repair Facility. Did you know…almost all Torches & Regulators; including High Pressure and Specialty Gas can be repaired for a fraction of the cost to buy new? Most often it is not necessary to purchase new Equipment. Standard Repair also offers a “Trade in” Policy when new equipment is needed.


Free Estimates

Send your Repair in for a free estimate*.

*shipping and handling charges apply to all items returned to customers regardless of repair status. No charge for items disposed of at Standard Repair.

**New tips are added to all torch repairs to qualify for warranty
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